Guys Buy Gizmos, Girls buy Jeans

I am shocked that when I hear people buy jeans that cost only $45 a pair. I am shocked when people buy an Mp3 player that is not iPod. I am shocked people still buy a $400 PC when they can buy a $500 Mac Mini. I am NOT shocked that some gals – an no they are not on the cover of InTouch and their initials are not BS – are paying upwards of $300 for a pair of jeans.

New York Times Styles: Far from being rarities, jeans with price tags of $200 are now everywhere, the retail equivalent of dandelions after spring rain. And it no exaggeration to say that a pair these days can easily cost as much as an iPod (Tsubi, $319), a Motorola Razr (Levi’s vintage, $325), or a desktop computer with the printer thrown in. (Nudie vegetable dye jeans, $428.)

Clearly the priorities for guys and gals are whole different.