Avvenu offers beta, free year service

Avvenu, aka Kinetic Tide, of the early entrants into the market place is giving away a free year of service to anyone who participates in their beta cycle. (Russell, this is your chance to compare it with Orb Networks’ service.) It is fairly simple to sign-up for the service’s beta program. Download the software and during installation use “AvvenuBeta” promo code during installation. Voila, you will get a free year of the service. This is an interesting twist for the company. I am assuming as it gears up for high volume roll-out with partners like Motorola, it might want to iron out the kinks in its offering, hence the expanded beta plan. Orb Networks changed its game plan in the middle of rolling out its service, going from paid to free, hoping to get a major share of the place shifting market. Clearly the market is hyper competitive and any strategy is fair strategy.