In Defense of Lance Ulanoff

VoIP bloggers are more prone to wearing blinder or at-least pink tinted glasses. Backing out a few of them, like Aswath/Andy, I think many are not willing to look at some of the issues with VoIP, and how consumers interact with the VoIP services. Today Russ and some others are beating up on PC Magazine’s Lance Ulanoff who gave five reasons why he doesn’t have VoIP. And there is not a single reason Lance cites which makes him clueless, as some else called him. He doesn’t write for VoIP geeks, and neither do other reporters. Humans, don’t want to deal with the minutiae that gets most of us lathered into a frenzy. Russ doesn’t offer convincing arguments. Sorry buddy, on this one you are just not seeing the big picture – ease of use and features that work matter, to consumers. Irwin Lazar offers his own reasons why he doesn’t use VoIP either, and he is no VoIP hater.