Google ads + local search + maps = Free Citi WiFi Networks

Esme Vos thinks that by combining local search, Google AdSense and Google Maps, cities can build and offer wireless (WiFi) connectivity to residents. She writes, that this should give the business districts an incentive “to put up a mesh node on their premises to enable a provider of free Wi-Fi access to create a Wi-Fi cloud. And they would want this cloud to be as wide as possible (covering the entire city).” I think she has something there and this needs a group think. Though, I must strongly point out that most people outside of some parts of California don’t walk around with laptops. PDAs are sinking faster than Yankees chances of a World Championship, and well, the cell phones are more prevalent. Those random moments don’t happen to many without a computer. Lastly, has anyone tried Google SMS/mobile search. They work better and most people carry a cellphone.