Podcasting (AM) Radio … whatever

radio iconI have been behind my feed reading, and now just caught up in the news of Infinity Radio turning over one AM radio transmitter to pod-casters. Good move from Infinity, after all now they can create a 24-7 radio channel without really spending a dime. Good move, because suddenly it gets Infinity a ton of good press. However, in a broadband enabled world, who cares about one piffy little AM radio channel tries to remake itself. It does not mean that the radio is going to “explode” because the radio industry is still that – and industry – beholden to shareholders and debt holders. Podcasters, may or may-not get extended audience, but some will get shows on mainstream radio. Pretty much like what happened to some bloggers like Ann Marie Cox over at Wonkette who is now getting work at MTV and Wired. The ebullient views of A-list bloggers are well thought out, but don’t take into account that there are 24-hours in an hour, and the new generation of consumers is spending more of it online, connected. The future of radio – not today, but ten years from now is online, not on AM frequencies. It has already begun. Chris Anderson, pointed out that viewership/readership of traditional media is declining faster than Yankees’ fortunes.