Blogging 101 – what’s blogging, what’s not

Jeff points to a a PowerPoint by Doc on why blogs are not content but are speech. I agree! This slide sums it all up, though I disagree with assertion that we all are journalists. Opinions don’t make you a journalist … it makes you a blogger. A long time ago when I got interested in this whole blogging thing, I experimented with a tool called Radio, made by Userland. Dave Winer (I assume??) and Scoble, this was a great way to have a conversation, jot down pithy observations and occasionally rant about something or the other. Still it was more suited for a two way communication between blogger and the reader. Radio was not a CMS – it was a communication facilitator. I tried to blog, and failed. One liners are something I don’t do well. I like to write long opinion pieces, and try and report news, perhaps because I am a journalist. Since my early attempts, I have never been able to call myself a blogger. Winer is a blogger, Doc Searls is one, and so is Scoble. I am a reporter who uses “easy publish” paradigm of new tools like WordPress and TypePad. Most of these new tools lack the spontaneity of Manilla/Radio’s two way comunication. They are becoming content management systems.