Curry Brings Podcasting To Sirius

Adam Curry, described as the “podfather” in this NYT piece by Ken Belson, will produce and host a weekday four-hour show on Sirius Satellite Radio starting May 13. Curry will draw material for “Adam Curry’s PodShow” from other podcasters; the show will air on “Talk Central” and will include advertising.
This raises a number of issues including compensation for the podcasters, copyright, licensing. It’s one thing to create a podcast using music and other copyrighted material to share in a low-key way with a relatively small audience; it’s another when it becomes part of the commercial universe. Then there’s the effect on the genre — until now podcasting has been defined as something the listener can take with them. Between Infinity and Sirius, it’s being transformed into — gasp — static radio. Will would-be listeners be able to download this as a podcast? My guess is no although it would be a smart move to at least make it available that way and as part of the live streaming service for Sirius subs.(That would include me, although as much as I like Adam, 20 hours a week sounds like an awful lot.)