I had a little chat with a very smart man today – so smart that it would be easy to call him the guru of open source software. We talked about the Sirrus, and Adam Curry’s podcast-meets-broadcast show plans. He agreed, what is being offered is “broadcasting” not podcasting. I wondered if I was the only one who say it that way. Actually no – Alex Rowland had some really nice thoughts on his blog.

But where I get confused is in the idea that this is somehow a citizen’s media triumph. This strikes me as mostly about old mass media trying to stave of the encroachment of a rival “open” network model of content distribution.

And then I found another divergent opinion from Jared Hanson.

Satellite radio companies are unlikely to give up any control they currently have, because it is by leveraging that control that they hope to get a return on the investment used to fund their network. Podcasting gives control to the general public, and as such represents a better value to the consumer.