India wants cheap broadband

You have to love the Indian ministers and politicians – they can be completely delusional without any artificial mind altering drugs. Dayanidhi Maran, the IT & Communications minister dreams of rolling out cheap broadband to the masses, and wants to grow the broadband user base from current 3 million (highly questionable) to 20 million by 2010. “China and Korea are the only countries that match our volume-based broadband offerings for corporates. We are much, much cheaper than broadband service providers in Europe and the United States,” he told AFP. Excuse me… Mr. Maran, China and Korea don’t try and pass off 256 KBPS as broadband. In those countries 20 megabits per second connections are a norm, not an exception. His arguments and desires don’t make sense because the PC penetration remains abysmally low. It makes no sense because despite opening telecom sector to foreign investment, no large International giant has even as much as feigned an interest in the country. What is clear – India needs to get its broadband act together fast, otherwise it would be once again left behind in a world where broadband is an economic advantage, not a luxury