Speakeasy Launches Pre-WiMAX in Seattle

Independent broadband ISP Speakeasy has just launched a pre-WiMAX service in Seattle, and will offer it as a complement to its DSL packages. The company has placed its transmission set-up at Seattle’s Space Needle. Speakeasy is taking orders but service goes commercial next month. More details here. Its not cheap – a 6 megabits (total of up and download bandwidth) service that will take 2 days to install is going to set you back by $800 a month. Its the same price you would pay roughly for two T-1 lines, and get the same results. (T-1 is symmetrical up and down.) But this is clearly a boon for those who are not close to the broadband grid. Given that the company has taken an investment from Intel, it should not come as a surprise that it is all over this fixed wireless thing. Alvarion is the key equipment supplier.