The Internet Is the Deejay

Business 2.0: A decade ago (that’s nearly seven decades in Internet years) a music fiend like me had limited options when it came to finding new, unknown, yet promising musical acts. Reading magazines like Rolling Stone and listening to the radio were the traditional ways to discover new music. Going to nightclubs and listening to a deejay’s selections was another way. Still, the best recommendations came from friends or fellow music lovers who were in the know.
Broadband and always-on Internet access has taken that friends-recommending-music concept online. Today dozens of websites make it easy to find music that matches your musical tastes. Continue reading at Business 2.0 website
In this piece I have taken a gander at some of the more popular music recommendation services such as Last.FM, Live Plasma, Music Mobs and software apps like Audioscrobbler. I have two more services that make finding information easier: SoundFlavor and FIQL. Would love to know what you guys think!