It’s Google’s World … But Not Everyone Wants To Live In It

It’s almost impossible to go a day without a Google link no matter how tempting that might be.
Interfax China: Google will be allowed to run its China operations from the mainland instead of an office in Hong Kong, enabling it to expand a activities and intensifying search competition. Silicon Valley Beat raises two questions: “How will Google handle Beijing’s constant censoring efforts, and how will it deal with Baidu, which Google invested in partly to gain access to the China market?”
— Here in the U.S., Google is riding high in the stock market and lassoing plenty of search dollar but not faring as well with some advertisers, who don’t think the company treats them well enough. Google didn’t rank well in a couple of studies — it actually came in 18th in the “responsiveness and accessibility” category on the 4th annual Jack Myers survey. Google says its working to improve customer interaction and denies any effort to go around ad agencies rather than work with them. Via Marketing Vox, which adds: “One factor unstated in the CNN piece is an attitudinal factor increasingly perceived in marketing circles — one that once afflicted Yahoo and AOL — that the Google people hold themselves a bit above the industry.”

— Google also introduced a beta Web Accelerator to make pages load faster. Page requests go through Google servers. More at SEW.