Google Web Accelerator, Really No Big Deal

Given all the hoopla around Google’s Web Accelerator, especially with the privacy fears and application problems, why isn’t waiting to pause and ask the question: what’s the big deal? After all Google really did not break any new ground here – its not a new radical idea we expect from a company like Google is it? After all San Jose-based Propel, has been selling an “internet accelerator” for sometime now and counts large ISPs as customers including AT&T Worldnet, EarthLink, Joi Internet and PeoplePC Online in the US. In fact it is doing so well, that it has also introduced a Mac desktop client, something which is not available on Google. In case you are looking for tenuous search engine connections, Propel was started by Steve Kirsch, who had also founded Infoseek, back in the day. (No comments about my age or anything, I know I am old skool!)