Skype, Vonage & Who Will Buy Them?

Andy says now that Bain Capital has invested in Vonage, it won’t be too long before they get bought out. I ask the question who will buy them? Mark Evans is backing Sprint as likely suitor. Dan Berninger, now with Tier 1 Research sent me an email suggestion Qwest could also be a likely Vonage buyer. I buy that… Q has been doing some interesting things lately and is willing to do anything to become a serious national player. But given the post money valuation of $1.1 billion for Vonage, it could be too rich for the Colorado bunch. But what about Skype, who seems to be seriously poised to challenge Vonage? James Enck channels Louis Phillip and leads off the discussion about Skype’s likely buyers and believes that Microsoft and Google could be likely buyers. Enck is betting ( a whole pint if you can believe it) on Google. I am going to make an unscientific call – given Skype CEO’s Bill fixation (has anyone noticed how he looks like young Chairman Gates), he could move to Redmond, take over the world. Oh wait, I guess that was Austin Powers I was watching last night. (More Vonage and Skype thoughts over the weekend!)

bill and niklas