The Cellphone That Does Everything Imaginable, at Least Sort Of

Samsung A800NYT’s resident technocrat David Pogue has reviewed a new Samsung handset, and at the same time given a very clear indication of the problem with overly-complex mobile phones. The phone does a lot of things (2-megapixal photos, voice recognition, video recording, and so on), but according to Pogue none of these things are done particularly well. Worse still, “all of these features saddle the poor little device with a complexity that will boggle even the veteran cell fan. You have to wade your way through a staggering 583 menu commands, along with far too many pointless “Are you sure?” confirmations, to find them all. Just looking up your own phone number requires eight button presses, for goodness’ sake.”
This is the same problem that besets mobile content portals — there’s a lot of stuff to do, but how do you make it all easy to find and use?
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