Only 19% Are Willing To Pay For Mobile TV

Talk about the glass being half empty…LinuxElectrons has reported on a JupiterResearch report on consumer attitudes to watching TV on mobile phones in the following way: “JupiterResearch has announced in its newly released report, “Video on Cell Phones: It’s Real in 2005, but a Paying Consumer Audience Isn’t“, that 44% of online consumers surveyed by JupiterResearch are interested in viewing video on their cell phones for free, but only 19% indicate they would be willing to pay anything for those services.” I think if the promoters of mobile TV managed to get 19% of mobile phone users paying for their service they’d be over the moon…there are 180 million mobile phone users in the US, and assuming that 19% pay $15 a month (the cost of the VCast service) that’s $513 million per month in addition revenue. Of course there are a lot of different mobile TV pricing strategies, so that kind of calculation is next to worthless, but I think it adequately illustrates that a figure of 19% should not be described as “only”.
The article does leave a few questions unanswered, specifically how much are those 19% willing to pay and if a free (or more accurately, ad-supported) mobile TV service was available then how many would choose the paid version, and what would make them fork over the extra dough?
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