We just love our TV

Here is the good news – US consumer is showing no signs of slowing down his (well has to be mostly his) spending on consumer electronics. U.S. households now own an average of 25 consumer electronics products, according to the 2005 “CE Ownership and Market Potential” study released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Annual CE spending – a whopping $1,250. Much of it, I am sure is going towards new televisions. The average U.S. home now has 3.1 television sets, up from an average of 2.4 sets last year. Nearly 13% of US homes have high-definition televisions (HDTVs) while 10% have flat-panel televisions. DVR penetration is almost 10 percent. Now for the bad news – if you are a service providers planning to offer IPTV (with atleast 2 HDTV streams) you better start making plans to boost the bandwidth to home quickly to around 50 megs/second. Puny 24 MBPS is not going to cut it, especially with so many more TVs inside our homes, each one increasingly looking for Hi-Def content.