Ampd Details Mobile Game Plans — Channels

Amp’d, the MVNO aimed at young people into extreme sports, has announced its gaming plans…the details are in the article, the most interesting point is that Amp’d doesn’t plan to seperate content based on the type of content but on the content itself. Case in point, rather than put all its games in a single ‘games section’, users of Amp’d who are interested in Snowboarding will be able to go to a ‘Snowboarding channel’ and “play the Snowboarder 3D featuring Travis Rice video game, as well as download Snowboarder branded video clips, wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, ringback tones and more from the Amp’d user interface”, from the press release. It fits in with Amp’d’s overall strategy, which is to attract users based on its content, and people interested in a particular topic will find the content much easier to navigate.
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