FeedRoom Evolves From Consumer Site To ASP

Bart Feder, president and CEO of The FeedRoom, explained to Lost Remote’s Steve Safran how the company became an ASP: “We recognized along the way that FeedRoom as a consumer brand was not the way to build the business. Content aggregation was not going to build the business. We recognized that the thing we had was great underlying technology and understanding of how to do broadband. We leveraged what we do best and supported the brands that had the content and packaging. That became the business model.”
Interesting points:
— Half of FeedRoom’s revenue comes from corporate business including WalMart, GM, Sun, Cisco, Chevron, Hess. FeedRoom also supports the Pentagon Channel and the US Air Force (channel). The company also has high-profile media clients including Reuters, USA Today, NBC stations, Telemundo, iVillage, Business Week. “what they all have in common is brand names, distribution and content. What they lacked was the domain expertise.”
— Telemundo’s streaming telenovela capsules are getting seven million views a month at 20 minutes a pop.
— FeedRoom is working with search engines to make sure client video is optimized for search.