Google Goes to Glen Park

Earlier this month, Business 2.0 had an interesting little piece on Google’s Magic Bus, which picked up Gooligans every morning from San Francisco and take them to GooglePlex in Mountain View, Calif. Well there is word that more and more Google employees are getting on the bus in increasing numbers from the Glen Park Bart Station. Those who live in the neighborhood are saying that more and more Google employees are moving into the neighborhood. Given the convenience of the bus ride, it is no surprise that Gooligans have discovered Glen Park.
Those of you who don’t live in San Francisco, Glen Park is on the South End of San Francisco, and is one of the sunniest spots in San Francisco. It tucked behind the Noe Valley and Outer Mission, and is on the west side of Highway 280. Compared to many San Francisco neighborhoods, it is one of the more affordable hoods.
More anecdotal evidence: Oakville Grocery, a high end grocery chain is opening a store in Glen Park, indicating an upwardly mobile demographic shift. This could end up being the catalyst for housing prices to nudge-up in Glen Park. Will it be the new hot neighborhood? We shall keep tabs on this development.