Of BitTorrent Search & Possible Legal Problems

MPAA has been dying to come-up with ways to sue Bit Torrent, its creator and others involved in pushing the p-2-p envelope. Unfortunately they have not had a chance. TechDirt’s Mike Masnick thinks that by developing a search engine for torrents, Bram Cohen and company could be now in the legal cross hairs of MPAA. (This news was a scoop for Wired News, my bad for not pointing it out earlier. My apologies to Kevin Poulsen!) (BT just mooned the MPAA whiners with its new trackerless client!) It is an interesting dilemma – how can you sue a search company? After all finding torrents right now is as easy as typing Star Wars Torrent into Google and finding the torrent files. Will this mean MPAA go after Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and every other search engines? Lets wait and watch. The new search engine goes live in 14 days. Search, i guess is part of growing up for Bit Torrent. Ashwin Navin, a former Yahoo strategist and a reformed investment banker is now COO of Bit Torrent.