Browser Switchers – Fewer Than Expected

If you read the news reports you would think that harried consumers sick and tired of malicious spyware and all the other online crud normally blamed on Internet Explorer would be switching allegiances in large numbers. That percentage seems to be around 11%, according to research conducted by Harris Interactive for Opera Software. Well maybe because people are not really aware or understand that browser is the weak link. Of the 2,800 regular Internet users quizzed by Harris, a significant number (49 percent) did not believe that browser choice is a key factor in protecting their computers from malicious software attacks: 17 percent thought it had no effect and 32 percent admitted they don’t know whether the choice of browser makes a difference. Most participants said security would prompt them to change browser, however, with 66 percent confirming they would consider using another browser for improved security. In other words, Mozilla Firefox is not a full fledged revolution, instead its just an insurgency. For now!