Bubble Watch: Google Bigger than Time Warner

This is just too funny – a company that depends on AOL for a significant portion of its revenues is now bigger than AOL’s parent Time Warner, at least in market valuation terms. John Battelle wonders how TW people feel about it. I don’t know about others, but as one TW person, one word: Netscape. Amazon @ $400! I guess I made my point! Wall Street, and stock market investors (read hedge fund managers who trade on rumors from bigger hedge funds) are driving up the stock, and are only going to be disappointed. “I have this theory about the company – it’s our Web 2.0 rorschach – we see in it what we wish and dream for,” writes Battelle. Regardless, the Google stock price is befitting the bubble-t we are experiencing. Tags, Feeds, podcasts…. whatever!