Coffee house, Internet of its day?

I have often lamented the omnipresent broadband connections, the blinking email icon, the RSS aggregator’s annoying ping, and labeled it the Internet anxiety disorder. Tom Standage, a dear friend, and author of A History of the World in Six Glasses goes a little further and points out that the presence of WiFi is taking away coffee house’s main function: lively discussions, and caffeine fueled intellectual stimulation. He points out that in the past, coffee houses were the portal to hi-and-lo life, and sites where revolutions started. Now we all stare into a laptop screen, tap away, IM and perhaps write a blog post or two. I second that thought – after all if you continue to stare into your laptop, its unlikely that you will catch the eye of the lovely lass across the room. No great romances, and that truly would be a shame. I wonder what Glenn really has to say about all this?