Skype, Yahoo in talks?

It is too early to tell, what is going on, but there seems to be rumors floating that Skype and Yahoo are in close contact, and perhaps cooking up a commercial partnership. The reports are based on a post on Jean-Michel’s blog. It might be too soon for Skype to be cashing out, and I am not sure if Yahoo can justify the big ticket valuation that would be slapped on Skype. There maybe a revenue share deal in the offering! That would make my recent post on Skype, more relevant.
I have a feeling that two companies could be working on ways to get together and make their individual IM/VoIP clients work with each other. Some sources say that Yahoo’s Messenger team has been hyperactive, and is trying to find creative opportunities, so lets not rule out a possibility of an outright purchase. Still given the 41 million downloads, Skype would be a great acqusition for Yahoo, because it could add some significant heft to the Yahoo! Messenger platform. Yahoo has been spending significant amounts of money on turning this into a voice client as well.
The big problem to this deal would be cozy relationship Yahoo enjoys with the baby bells. Skype is public enemy #1 in those circles, and it could mean a big risk for Yahoo which is building itself as media giant of the 21st century. Stay tuned – I am on the trail right now!