Nokia’s New Jewel In The Crown, 6682

nokia 6682A few days ago I mentioned that Nokia might be on a comeback trail, thanks to a good mix of low-end and super premium phones, which do away with odd designs that plagued Nokia product line for nearly two years. The new line-up has a certain simple elegance to them, which allows the phones to be what they were meant to be: phones.
I am frankly tired of new fangled designs – the slider or the rotate phone – each one forcing me to learn how to use the phone ….
Again! Call me old fashioned, but I just want either a candy bar or a flip phone. Ironically, the mass market bears this out. Most of the phones which have been monster hits are either candy stick or flip-phones. Samsung made its reputation with flip phones, while Sony Ericsson plotted its return with a super successful T-610 phone. I think these are lessons of the mass market, and thankfully, Nokia is paying attention.
While the gadget lovers might be waiting for the N-Series multimedia phones, Nokia’s bread-and-butter phone for next 12 months is going to be Nokia 6680, a candy bar phone. In the US, it is going to be sold as Nokia 6682, better optimized for the Cingular’s network. (Russell has a mega 7000 word post on 6680, and basically it should be nominated for world’s longest blog post. Guiness Book of World should be calling him soon, I bet!)
Cingular customers, if you are looking for a high end smart phone with the simplicity of a low end phone, I can without hesitation recommend the new Nokia 6682 to you. It is not available as of now, but this will be worth the wait. An heir apparent to oddly designed 7610, this is a well designed phone, especially for business owners.
I got my hands on this phone yesterday, and precisely 24 hours after using this phone, I can safely say that it is going to be as successful as the Nokia 6600/6620 series – two phones that were whole heartedly embraced by the un-teens worldwide.
Sure it doesn’t may not have supermodel good looks of RAZR (which has brain of one as well) or the street cool of a Sony Ericsson s710, but Nokia 6682 is a rock solid phone, with great voice quality. Yeah, how quaint, but important – great voice quality!
But beyond the voice quality, the phone delivers admirably in pretty much every aspect. The keyboard passed my eyes closed test with flying colors. Eyes Closed Test is where; I close and punch a phone number, and checking out if I dialed the correct number. Nokia 6682 got an A+ on this. I like the big lush screen, which is amongst the brightest Nokia has used thus far. The four way navigation key is rock solid, and that should not come as a surprise to anyone who has used the Nokia 6630.
nokia 6682 twoThere is more – the camera, the music player, and of course the smart part of the phone, the smart phone. Okay the 1.3 mega pixel camera is better than average, though you are not going to win any photography awards. The built-in flash supposedly should help the photo quality – it doesn’t. The good bit is that Nokia has a little slider screen which covers the camera lens, because I don’t think I am going to be using it very much.
So what about the music player? Good, not great. The headphones which also act as hands free are stylish and have good bass. For people who have short commutes, this is not a bad option to listen to music, but more than 45 minutes of listening to music on this phone is going to become a painful process. However, others might like it, and would be well advised to purchase a fatter memory card (you can buy it here, $99 for 512 MB)
Now turning to the smart phone aspect of this little jewel! It works like any other Symbian device, and has a certain cleanliness to it which is missing in most Palm or Pocket PC smart phones. I have been able to sync the phone with a PC without a problem, though syncing with a Mac running is OS-X is impossible since the phone uses the latest version of Symbian OS and iSync doesn’t support it at present. So we Mac users wait! The browser is pretty good for mobile Web. The phone comes bundled with Lifeblog, so you can now moblog on Flickr, BuzzNet or TypePad. Shame they don’t support WordPress as yet. Still the EDGE support makes blogging a breeze.
The problem with the phone: it seems a tad sluggish compared to some of the older Nokia handsets, especially when switching between applications. Also, Nokia is not bundling any cool and free apps/games with this device, which is a shame, and yet another testimonial to the growing greed of the wireless carriers.
Bottom line: Will I buy this phone? Absolutely! Will I recommend this phone? Absolutely! On a scale of 1-to-10, this one gets 8 on 10, for it is a perfect blend of form and function.