Yahoo buys Dial Pad

A week ago, I asked the question: how serious is Yahoo about voice? It seems they are quite serious! Much of it might have to do with Brad Garlinghouse who according to Andy was one of the big guns at DialPad, and is bringing the VoIP religion to Yahoo.
Yahoo, like other IM providers might have been late to the VoIP party, but the company is quickly making up for lost time. Barely a month after launching its own VoIP enabled IM beta product, the company snapped up DialPad, a VoIP company that sells PC2PC and PC2Phone services to consumers. “What we saw in DialPad was quick way to add PC2Phone and inbound calls,” says Joanna Stevens, Yahoo’s VP of Corporate Communications. Yahoo will integrate Dialpad’s services with its new IM product.
Andy explains quite well, when he writes: Dialpad provides Yahoo immediately with a proven platform that delivers least cost routing, the Dialpad engine that routes international traffic and enables termination plus gives them the billing, OSS and capability to make a Pre-Paid offering that terminates and possibly originates PSTN calling. Clearly this means Yahoo is going after the international audience and is looking to go right after Skype.

Update#2: Yahoo confirmed the deal, declined to talk numbers and assured me that Yahoo’s broadband partners (read Bells) are well aware of its voice plans.
Update#1: Craig Walker just called and confirmed the deal.
Scoop: Did Yahoo just buy VoIP operator, DialPad? I guess the next last thing to Skype? The PR folks at Dialpad were in a meeting and were thrown in a tizzy when I rudely interrupted their deliberations. We cannot comment on this, please call our CEO, is what I was told. Everyone seems to be in a meeting, and I called Craig Walker, the CEO and was told he was in a meeting. I am told, Yahoo is busy gathering Dialpad employees with new employment offers.