New Ringtone Services For The US

A couple of ringtone services that aren’t based on music have opened shop in the US. RetroRingtones is expecting to launch its ringtone service in July, which will include “categories such as ‘Sci-Fi SFX,’ ‘Air Guitar Riffs,’ ‘Endangered Species Mating Calls,’ and ‘Infernal Machines.'”
“Retro Ringtones licenses rare recordings from specialist record labels and copyright owners from around the world, and uses proprietary technology to produce them as punchy, fast-downloading ringtones for all US mobile handsets. Among the most popular are the ‘Endangered Species Mating Calls,’ licensed from Cornell University’s Macauley Labs library and featuring recordings such as the Rwandan Mountain Gorilla, Pied Butcherbird, and Smoky Jungle Frog. Operators in the UK have donated proceeds from the ringtone sales to nature conservation charities. Over GBP 25,000 has been contributed to date.”
Blue Frog Mobile has launched a new ringtone service with All Comedy Radio to release impersonated celebrity ringtones…”Is Sly calling? Or is that President Bush fumbling through “phone ringery”? All Comedy Radio listeners can now download satiric impersonations of “Ahhnold’s” powerful Austrian accent and “The Godfather’s” haunting voice”…