EVDO Comes to San Francisco

EVDO, has been a thrill for those who have been able to get it. Folks in New York have pinged me bragging about the high speeds they get when on the go. I have been a tad jealous because high speed EVDO has been elusive in San Francisco.
Folks at The EVDO Coverage blog report that “Verizon has greatly expanded its service to most of its MISSING LINK cities now like sanfran and seattle and maybe even detroit (shhhh…). So, if you have buyer’s remorse, lets talk about getting you the v620 from verizon in your city.”
Now if you took into account the announcement/leaks from Sprint, EVDO is going to be in most major cities and metro areas. I think it is time to invest in the service. $80 a month is a tad expensive, but still seems to be worth it, given that one needs to pay for wi-fi wherever one goes.
Matt Maier over at Business 2.0 looks at T-Mobile’s bet on WiFi, especially in the light of increasing 3G coverage, not just in the US, but worldwide as well. He questions how long T-Mobile can charge for WiFi, especially when its competitors like SBC are offering $2-addon service for their DSL customers. One can argue about this till kingdom come, but I personally think looking for WiFi hotspots is going to become a problem in the long term.