The Downside of Stealth Mode

Bloglines founder Mark Fletcher believes that stealth mode start-ups especially in web services space is an oxymoron. His rant is inspired by 24 Hour Laundry, a new start-up, that has been one of the most gossiped topics this past week. He rightly points out that a good web services company should take no more than three months from concept to launch. He makes tons of good points like first mover advantage, and how your users can help you fine tune your product. After all if it is taking you longer, well that the elegant simplicity of a web services company is no longer there. I could also rant on how you only need a couple of people to create a web service and that starting one doesn’t require a lot of money (and oftentimes raising a lot of money actually screws things up). But I’ll save those for another day. That’s great advice from someone who has done it before… twice. Russell is upset that we are all dissing 24 Hour Laundry.