Launches Ad-Supported Video

(via LR) has launched its ad-supported video, two days ahead of its launch. The new video strategy, as we reported first here, does away with the subscription-based service it had earlier.

The service has free video clips in 14 different subject areas, and claims will have about 30 new video clips a day. It won’t have any live video for now. Also, these clips are available for seven days from the day that they are published.

Overall, it is a decent effort, but one thing keeps confounding me: why do news sites keep insisting on a pop-up video player? Seriously, why?

IBD: The company will launch an online subscription service later this summer that will include live video news reports and a video archive.

MediaWeek: Chase bank and General Motors have signed up to sponsor the video..In addition to the 30 second ads, both advertisers, which received category exclusivity as part of their agreements, are eligible to run long-form video spots which would lead-out from content.