Now the IPod Backlash

Now that most media has run of most of the nice things to say about iPod, it is perhaps time to bring down the iconic music player a notch or two from its perch at the top of digital music totem pole. Or so goes the convoluted logic of folks over at I am wondering out loud here, but what really changed between today and a month ago? As luck would have it, they bought a few iPods, and they flaked on them. Happens, not often but happens. A high quality Honda turns out to be a lemon, and so does a Fujitsu plasma screen.
I have had my share of problems with iPod Mini, and its errant quality. But it doesn’t mean that the iPod era is over. The device and the music store along with the iTunes software is still the best digital music experience: buy, plug and enjoy! It is not an ideal situation, for I abhor the format bullying by Apple, but given the alternatives, this is a pretty good option. Sure the team can buy their Creative Zens, but from what I heard last Creative’s CEO is pulling his hair out, wondering how to overcome the Apple juggernaut. folks are pulling straws and trying to make something out of what is really nothing. They try and support their arguments with a Duke University report. Duke university gave away iPods to 1650 freshman and only 600 used them. spins the results as mixed. I am not sure what Duke was thinking, but iPod was meant as a music player not as a recording device for academic purposes. If you are going to use a BMW to bulldoze a wall, you know the results are going to be mixed.