Erik Lagerway leaves XTen

Erik Lagerway, the co-founder of softphone client maker XTen has resigned. Larry Timlick, a Cisco executive, will replace him at the company. mark Bruk, the other co-founder of the company is still the CEO/Chairman. XTen which has gained a lot of traction with major VoIP and telecom players is in a high growth mode. On his blog, Erik writes, “Here dawns the day of a new era for Xten. I have stepped down as president of Xten to make way for the next phase of growth in the company. I think Larry will do a marvelous job and certainly is a capable sales oriented executive, exactly what Xten needs.” My initial reaction to the news is that this could be an effort to make the company pretty and then sell it to someone bigger – maybe even Cisco. Erik will still be doing his thing on his blog, SIPThat!