Next Gen Wireless is Here… Almost

For all of us who have grappled with poor voice connections, dropped calls and ultra slow wireless speeds, the promise of a high-speed wireless experience has been just that – a promise. For almost half a decade, I have tracked companies like Flarion, IP Wireless, Arraycomm. I have followed technologies like EVDO, WCDMA and fixed wireless. But somehow it all remained a distant hope. And then suddenly this week all the promise has started to seem like a reality. EVDO – Sprint and Verizon – rollouts are gathering momentum in the US. Intel is working with Arraycomm on new smart antennas. Qwest is rolling out a WiMAX trial, just like BellSouth and AT&T.
And this week IPWireless got a boost in Czech Republic where its technology will be used by T-Mobile to go after the residential broadband market. And today, Finland deciding to go with Flash-OFDM, instead of CDMA. James Enck, sums it up in so few words, as he often does, when he writes, “next gen wireless coming of age.” James, let me tell you knows European telecom.
All these are small bits, loosely joined. Not today, but sometime before I am of the age when a fine cigar and a smooth brandy matter more than a high speed connection, I will get to live the dream of watching a Bollywood movie that makes sense, wirelessly on my Nokia 770 tablet, sitting in a Parisian cafe, watching the well dressed ladies sashay past me. Back to reality – I have cobbled together some bits and piece, including an interview with Flarion’s founder. This one is from the archives, but its worth your time. A wee bit analysis of the Flarion win in Finland and what day would be complete without an exclusive nugget: a likely rollout of Flarion network in my hometown of New Delhi.