Greg Maffei does a 360, defects to Oracle

Et Tu Greg?
Greg Maffei, had the world on a string as the CFO of Microsoft. And then he was overcome by the fumes, and decided that he wanted to be part of the optical boom. So on he went to 360Networks, one of the many fiber networks with millions of mile of fiber but no profits. 360 went bankrupt, and now has restructured by becoming a smallish player. The plan to rule the broadband world didn’t exactly work out – so he is back to crunching numbers – as Oracle’s yet another president and CFO. The good news is that unlike other broadband CEO/CFO types, he is scandal free! GMSV reminds me of all the acqusitions made by Greg when at Microsoft. AT&T, Comcast etc, got Money from MoneySoft. Funny those things still haven’t paid off!