Metalink does 240 megabit per second MIMO

Metalink, which till recently has been making broadband/DSL chipsets has decided to expand its product offering with a WLANPlus chipset. The company describes it as the first Real-MIMO-based (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) wireless chipset designed for delivering data throughput of more than 240 megabits per second (Mbps) over the air with full-home coverage for video-distribution applications.
WLANPlus chipset can be embedded in digital video recorders (DVRs), set-top boxes (STBs), high-definition televisions (HDTVs), media adaptors and other consumer electronics products. With most consumer electronics companies looking to jump on the 802.11n bandwagon, the market for these chips is clearly going to be hot. I guess WLANPlus becomes quite valuable when you marry this chip with Metalink’s VDSL chips inside a gateway.
Lately there has been a lot of debate about 802.11n, and why 100 megabits is not enough. The current product offerings from the likes of Airgo are doing aboout 100 MB/s. (press release)