Microsoft eyeing Teleo?

Yahoo bought DialPad and perhaps that is an incentive enough for other majors – Google and Microsoft – to make a VoIP play as well. There is word that Microsoft is in talks to acquire Teleo, a smallish VoIP player based in San Francisco. It has one of the better SIP implementations.
Teleo adds VoIP to the communications tools already being used by Windows users – cell phones, email, and web browsers. You can receive calls on a PC, or answer them on your cell phone. By clicking on an email address and you can be connected to the person who sent it, if they have VoIP capability.
Teleo is very similar to Microsoft’s Communicator which works well with others Microsoft offerings such as Outlook. But that is primarily an enterprise product, and has been a big area of focus for Microsoft. I am pretty sure Microsoft is looking for ways to add VoIP capabilities to some of their consumer offerings.
Like Skype, Teleo also uses Global IP Sound’s GIPS voice engine. Sources tell me that the founder of the company, Peter Sisson might have also left the company, and the deal is all but done. I dropped him an email but have not hear back from him as yet. Sisson, prior to Teleo was founder and CEO of, an online wine retail and fulfillment company now operating as New Vine Logistics. I have not been able to raise the PR people. Stay tuned for further details.