FCC Commish – End to Phone Line Sharing As Well

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin did not waste time and showed that he is watching out for the interests of phone companies.

“We’ll need to move quickly to establish regulatory parity between telephone companies and cable companies that are providing a broadband service,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

If he gets his way, he would have effectively put the final nail in the coffin of the Telecom Act of 1996 that lead to a speculative bubble like never before.

“I think that it is important that consumers have access to all different kinds of information that’s available on the Internet, but I think that companies that are investing in providing high-speed lines to consumers want to make sure they can provide those services…and forcing them to sell those lines at a discount would discourage them from investing in the upgrades necessary to provide those services,” Mr. Martin said.

This would be really bad news for folks who are getting their lines from Bell companies. (Never mind, Bells have future proofed themselves by promises from US government that they won’t have to share their fiber networks!)
I just have to point this out that once again the Baby Bells have won. They played the telepoker right, got access to long distance markets, then slowly got rid of local competition and now are back to being what they really are – phone companies. As I have always said, never bet against the Baby Bells.
Elsewhere in the Journal, there is a story about the price war between the Bells and the Cable companies, which talks about special offers and other marketing tactics being undertaken by both camps to lure customers. (Consumers go forth and lower your broadband bills … its a good time to do so!) Is it me or does everyone else it as perception manipulation right on the heels of Brand-X decision – by incumbents? Oh maybe its just me looking for shapes in shadows.