Indian Handsets Market In 2004-05 Was $2 Billion The Indian mobile handset market was worth Rs 8,805 crore ($2.09 billion) in ’04-05. A lion’s share of this – 84% – were GSM handsets at Rs 7,384 crore ($1.75 billion) with Nokia alone accounting for a whopping 62.3% marketshare.
According to a report by Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) quoting a Voice & Data report of June 2005, the share of GSM handsets was even higher than the GSM connections which stood at 75% for the same period. The report said CDMA handsets accounted for 16% of marketshare at Rs 1,421 crore ($338 million). However the story doesn’t say if the numbers also include the grey market, as in India more than half of the phones are sold through illegal channels.
Back to the story, in the of GSM space, Samsung was way behind Nokia with 11.3% marketshare followed by Motorola at 9.2% and Sony Ericsson at 4% while LG had a marketshare of 2%. Other brands such as Sagem, Alcatel, Ben Q, Bird, Siemens, Philips, Blackberry, Krome, Palm, Kejian cornered 10.3% marketshare in 2004-05, the COAI report claimed.
In the CDMA handset universe, LG was the undisputed leader with a marketshare of 59.1% followed by Nokia at 17.6%, Samsung at 6.3 %, Motorola at 5.3%, Kyocera at 5.2% and others like Hyundai at 6.5%.
Meanwhile another story in Business Standard says that a host of new phones unveiled at the recent CommuincAsia in Singapore will find their way to Indian markets very soon.