SlingBox’s Slinging Debut

Sling Media’s SlingBox is off to a good start, and is already sold out in many locations, according to visitors of this blog. I checked with Sling CEO Blake Krikorian, who let me know that “Sales have been overwhelmingly brisk.” Some CompUSA stores had not even put the product on display, and were still sold out as people came in demanding the device and making the store managers find them in the back. Stores like the Broadway store in NY (which got additional allocation from the start) sold out in a couple of hours, Blake tells me. So far the feedback has been positive for the company, and barring a few glitches, the young company is having early success. Sling Media not only has received good reviews from hacks like me and Walt Mossberg, but also from folks who matter the most: the consumers. (Here is my review of the box!)