Gizmo Project not that open after all

Gizmo Project has garnered some decent press and kudos from the VoIP blogger community. Its nice interface might have something to do with it, especially when compared to the other client, Pulver Communicator. Aswath decided to compare the two, and also Gizmo Project with Skype, and has some interesting conclusions. He more or less approves of GP, but notes that GP lacks the ability to text. But that’s minor quibble. I think one point Aswath made which got me thinking.

> As far as I can determine Gizmo is locked to use only SIPPhone. This is from the company that sued Vonage for locking their ATAs. Have they gone native? In the same vein, I wish they supported Speex, an open source and loyalty free codec. (By the way I hope pC supports a wideband codec in the near future.)

If that is the case, Michael Robertson, often the champion of open-source is proving that he is not open at all. I hope that is not the case!