Skype, Not Vonage Synonymous with VoIP in Blogsphere

Despite all their advertising, Vonage is a laggard and Skype is more synonymous with VoIP in the blogsphere, according to this very fine analysis. From December 2004 through May 2005 the Vonage mentions have stayed flat while Skype buzz is on the rise, much like VoIP itself. I feel that bloggers, more often than not early adopters have either tried or gotten tired of Vonage, and feel that Skype is better value for money. Taping Skype-calls for podcasts is another hot new trend. Perhaps that explains the increased mentions of Skype in blogs. The writers question the logic of Vonage spending a ton of money on advertising and whether is it having any impact. Well it is something I have often wondered about, especially now that cable companies have finally got their act together?