Dell, Napster Will Market Music Service To Colleges

As we mentioned yesterday, the Grokster ruling may make colleges and universities more vulnerable to legal repercussions for illegal file sharing. Now comes Dell and Napster with a combo hardware-software “solution” that can provide students with legal music downloads. The University of Washington will launch the service this fall. Dell account execs will sell colleges and universities subscriptions to Napster at a reduced academic rate while Dell blade servers will store and serve Napster’s library locally to gain higher speeds during multiple simultaneous transmissions. Dell also will help schools market the service to students and will offer special pricing on their own Napster To Go-compatible MP3 players. Press release.
Get them using a service in college and there’s a better than even chance they’ll continue the alliance after graduation. That should be particularly true for portable subscription music since the right to listen to the hundreds of hours stored on your player or computer ends with the subscription.