Jupiter questions MuniNets viablity

Jay Horwitz, Senior Analyst at JupiterResearch is using pretty much the same words as I did yesterday, in his recent report – “Because the benefits of municipal wireless networks are inherently difficult to measure, and because it is too early to look at outcomes, examining breakeven thresholds provides the best reference point for decision-makers.” In their estimate, each project costs $150,000 per square mile and half of the current projects will fail to break even.

No word from Esme. Folks over at UnwireMyCity.com see the half the projects that will break even or profitable as a reason to rejoice. But then also caution: “my perspective that these networks are a risk to the degree that the owners and or operators, be they public or private, neglect to nail down anchor tenants that will help them to cover as much costs as they can with long-term contracts.” Excellent point, I must add. Daily Wireless is also in the optimistic camp.

My feelings you all already know!