London Bombings Also Crash BBC Web Site

Yesterday I was wishing I was in London, after 2012 Olympics news, and today, after the bombings, I still wish I was there, helping in any way I could.

Couple of posts show the inadequacy of online news/TV sites in responding to the situation (BBC News is working fine now….they have live video and audio feeds of BBC 1)..

Buzzmachine: Stupid TV: “None of the big networks streams its news live over the internet; they’re putting up clips that become stale the moment they’re up. Oh, yes, they don’t want to piss off the cable companies. But how about pissing off the public they serve? Get online, people. It ain’t 1990 anymore.”

Staci adds: The strong collection of video online can be more useful to a lot of people than constant streaming full of repeat video. People are being given control over the pieces of information they want or need. One note: Cable and satellite contracts may prevent the all-news nets from going full-tilt boogie with streaming but it’s the affiliates that are keeping the broadcast nets from simul-streaming live.