Oracle should buy Manhattan Associates

Now that Oracle has snapped up Profitlogic, a software company targeting the retail vertical, Sramana Mitra thinks Oracle should target Manhattan Associates, which she describes as a “well-run company hadquartered in Atlanta, GA, (that) specializes in Warehouse Management systems.” Sort of extending the retail vertical. Makes a lot of sense. Oracle had snapped up TimesTen earlier this summer in order to add some RFID capabilities to its database. Its all part of beefing up its products for the retailing/consumer products segment. Focusing on retail made IBM a very big company, and Oracle is doing exactly that. By the way, if you recall my story The New Road to Riches, where I argued that the fastest way to make a mini-fortune was base your products on a well deployed platform, and then look for unoccupied niches. Oracle is buying precisely those type of companies. (The New Road to Riches!)