Earthlink’s free VoIP with Vling Beta

vlingGizmo Project, the SIP-based Skype competitor is creating a lot of buzz. Yahoo is making (VoIP) noise with Dialpad, and soon Microsoft will have something in the market as well. Perhaps that is why it is opportune time for Earthlink to throw it hat in the ring with its new PC2PC softphone client, Vling. Vling lets you make calls and send instant text messages using your computer to anyone else using Vling and has enhanced CD-quality sound, instant text messaging, and a cool, easy-to-use interface. The best part is that you can call any SIP address, not just numbers. Bad news is you can’t call regular phones just yet but you can only use it with other Vling users, SIPphone, and Free World Dialup. The really bad news – only for PC. (Grrrr!) I will try it out tonight and let you know. If you are too impatient, then download it here.