IDT doesn’t take no for an answer

IDT, the former parent of Net2Phone, is trying to buyback the wholesale VoIP services company for $130 million ($1.70 a share). Net2Phone says no way we are going to sell out at that price, but IDT is not taking no for an answer. Much like an abusive parent, I must add. Rick Black, an analyst at New York boutique Blaylock & Partners LP told , “Essentially what IDT is doing is trying to take control of Net2Phone at a price that most people would think is at a discount to the ultimate value of the entity.” In grander scheme of things, in 1999 Net2Phone, then a division of IDT went public and later IDT sold a 32% stake to AT&T Corp for $1.1 billion. John Malone’s Liberty Media Group took a stake in Net2Phone. However, those two companies have taken their lumps and sold out to IDT. Many suspect that after taking control of Net2Phone, IDT could flip the unit to someone else. Recent reports indicate that MCI was using Net2Phone back-end, though MCI hasn’t commented on that. It is a reasonable guess that Net2Phone could become a good opportunity for MCI/Verizon.