Gizmo Project hit with Mac Users

A few months ago I wrote that start-ups are missing out a big opportunity by not addressing the Mac market first. Mac users are early adopters and amongst them are many bloggers/media people who can help create the buzz for the product. Apparently someone was listening – Michael Robertson’s latest effort, The Gizmo Project. Jeff Bonforte, CEO of SIP Phone tells me that since they developed the product on a Mac platform, the Gizmo client for Mac is further along in terms of features and stability. As a result, nearly 30% of the downloads for the software are Mac-downloads. Given that Mac is less than 5% of the computer market, it is interesting to see the adoption rates are much higher. I think this is proof for others who are thinking about new software or services. Nothing like a Mac test bed. Given that more and more developers I meet are toting around Powerbooks, this could be an interesting little trend in the making.