News Corp. Establishes New Internet Unit: Fox Interactive Media

Fox Interactive Media, or FIM, will manage all interactive content from every Fox division including, and, as well coordinate the o-and-o television station sites. Short story: FIM’s mission to build a “robust broadband experience” leveraging all the video assets past and present, create an integrated hub and “ultimate home base” for users out of a series of silos, and pursue strategic investments “to further enhance the Internet experience for Fox users.” This is similar to the roll-up move CBS made last March with the creation of CBS Digital and the hiring of Larry Kramer, but with greater assets.(Send me your enhancement nominees; be sure to note whether or not your note/name can be published.)

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said the company is launching the new unit after months of internal study and discussion among News Corp. senior management from all key divisions. “We believe the time is right for the launch of FIM and we’re committed to devoting the resources to make it one of the premier companies on the web.” (Remember the internet summit in New York with senior execs from around the globe?)
More to come.
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